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Debut Album: Under Dark Clouds

Music is said to be the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for The Lovecat (Born Massimiliano Rizzo. 1969).
Each production in which he is involved shows the intensity of his sounds and the uniqueness of his style.
Explore the site and check out some of his creations below.

P.S.: Click on the little note on the player to display the song's lyrics.

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Recensione Album



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"Looking for something forever gone, but something we will always want."

Robert Smith

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Massimiliano was born as a bassist - singer and over the years applayed himself to other instruments (electronic drums, guitar and keyboards) without having the presumption to play them live but only to record the parts within his home walls. This is how the way the album was born.

"Under Dark Clouds is a project born on the rainy days of November 2019 based on material left abandoned in the drawer for years.
A Dark-Pop album concieved as a tribute to a period now
concluded but regretful with a good deal of nostalgia clearly noticeable in the tracks. 
Writing songs like these is hard because from your personal history you have to extract
something that can touch the hearts of others. Something universal. 
I tried with humility and commitment. Judge yourself whether I succeeded or not."

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